The FUMI Brand

"Fumi" makes people Smile, the brand name sounds like Fun, because it is Fun. We draw our inspiration for great E-juice from the heart of Hollywood, California. Here we believe that vaping is magical and wonderful just like a blockbuster film. Fumi is the adventurous brand that entertains the heart and mind of customers world-wide. Just say the word; FUMI and experience the smile it leaves on your face.

FUMI “X” (The Taste)

Our flavor is long-lasting and well balanced, time after time. The Quality is unmistakably on point, satisfying a Vaper's craving for an e-juice that performs on a consistent basis. This is because our recipes are all unique with proprietary blends designed by our CEO/Founder.

The (FUMI X1) formula is a method of e-juice production that requires strict steeping procedures and a higher than normal VG mixture/flavoring technique to achieve the right vapor balance. When you see the FUMI X reference on the bottle, you know you are getting the best FUMI Xperience possible.

FUMI's Standards

Fumi E-juice is made in Hollywood California within an ISO-7 certified lab. We use USP grade kosher propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. In addition, our manufacturing team employs a strict "made to order production philosophy" to ensure the freshest e-juice possible. It is a 'Quality, Performance, Value' standard we demand of ourselves because your satisfaction is our top priority.

FUMI's Label

It is our intention to stimulate the creative imagination with each remarkable character that represents the flavor you taste. We chose each Fumi character to help "connect" with YOU, our customers. We believe vaping is FUN, Xciting, Xpressive, and Xtraordinary. So the bottle must reflect this belief.


COMING SOON!!! You will be able to order your FUMI Swag made in Hollywood, California. R Bull, Monster, and Mary Jane t-shirts are coming!!! Please send us a message with size and quantity to pre-order as supplies are limited. Please wear your FUMI “T” with pride and start your local FUMI Tribe!!!

Mary Jane